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Are you a leader who is looking to transform & heal yourself from having a fear of speaking or feeling shame?

Are you a leader who is looking to develop yourself from a perfectionist task leader to an empathetic people builder?

Do you get fulfilment & joy when you are able to support another human being?

Are you seeking a profession where you can live your Passion & Purpose to uplift others?

Are you seeking to have freedom & flexibility of time while continuing to earn?

Are you seeking to gain financial stability in the comfort of your home, coaching global clients?

Are you seeking a Gold-Standard Certification that you can proudly add to your name?

What Will You Learn?

Who Is Frances Penafort?

 Dr. Frances Penafort

Coach Mentor Educator

Executive Leadership Coach

Master Certified Coach (MCC, ICF)

Academic for 24 years

Leadership Consultant for 20 years

Facilitator for 20 years

Global Level
  • Board Director on the ICF Board of Thought Leadership (2019-2021)
  • Board Director on the Global Enterprise Board (2019-2020)
  • Board Director on the ICF Ethics Board (2016-2019)
  • Podcast Speaker – USA & Middle East
  • Global ICF Conference Speaker – 2000 delegates from 80 countries


Asia Pacific Level
  • Speaker at Coaching Conference – Mumbai, Singapore
  • Speaker on Webinars – Philippines, Singapore

National Level
  • First Elected President of ICF Malaysia
  • Speaker at Conference and Panelist – ICF Msia
  • Author – Leaderonomics; Linkedin; Sarawak Leadership Institute; MSME


What Is Frances’ Coaching School Program?

Open yourself to learn a uniquely designed program where the ICF 8 CC are taught and become an excellent coach to people around you.

Open yourself to be coached by a Master Certified Coach and shift from BEING who you are to BECOMING who you want to be.

Open yourself to a safe space of reflection where blindspot-behaviours are explored deeply in a spirit of learning and growing to allow the true self to emerge.

Why Sign Up For This Program?

Personal Growth

Professional Growth

Unlock your Potential

Role Model to Clients

Global Recognition

Pride of Gold-Standard

Self-Esteem Growth

Building a Coaching Business

Business Growth

Financial Growth

Time Flexibility

Years of Experience

Leadership Programs


Frances Penafort has conducted over a 1000 leadership programs or
across 11 countries over 10 years.

Her coaching profession over 12 years has attracted clients from over 20 countries.

Our Esteemed Clients

Listen To Them

“I used to BE a leader who was a people pleaser and rescuer to my team and friend. This led me to feel burnt out after work.

After the Coaching, I became a balanced leader who believes in the resourcefulness of my team
and refused to carry their monkey on my back.”

Ms N. Product Design Director 

Software Industry, Australia 

“I used to BE  a critical, sarcastic, ego-driven, task leader.

After the Coaching, I became a more empathetic inclusive people developer leader.”

Mr S. Business Director

Financial Services Industry, Switzerland

I used to BE an impatient and irritable leader, expecting my team to understand what I needed, quickly.

After the Coaching, I put myself in their shoes, I understood that my behavior was short-cutting their learning & growing. I stopped and became a more supportive & understanding leader.”

Ms J. Country Head 

Banking Industry, Azerbaijan 

I used to BE a leader who was shy of asking questions, answering questions, and speaking up at Global meetings.

After the Coaching, I became a confident leader who believed in myself and was able to showcase high-quality leadership to those around me.”

Ms SC. Manager

Pharmaceutical Industry, Malaysia 

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