Transformation after 12 Sessions

“I used to BE a leader who was a people pleaser and rescuer to my team and friend.  This led me to feel burnt-out after work.

After the Coaching, I became a balanced leader who believes in the resourcefulness of my team and refused to carry their monkey on my back.”

Ms N. Product Design Director
Software Industry, Australia

Transformation after 12 Sessions

“I used to BE  a critical, sarcastic, ego-driven, task leader.

After the Coaching, I became a more empathetic inclusive people developer leader.”

Mr S. Business Director
Financial Services Industry, Switzerland

Transformation after 10 Sessions

“I used to BE a leader who was shy of asking questions, answering questions, speaking up at Global meetings.

After the Coaching, I became a confident leader who believed in myself and was able to showcase high-quality leadership to those around me.”

Ms SC. Manager
Pharmaceutical Industry, Malaysia

Transformation after 6 Sessions

“I used to BE an impatient and irritable leader, expecting my team to understand what I needed, quickly.

After the Coaching, I put myself in their shoes, I understood that my behaviour was short-cutting their learning & growing. I stopped and became a more supportive & understanding leader.”

Ms J. Country Head
Banking Industry, Azerbaijan